Storm Shelter FAQ's


What is the shelter made of?

High Strength concrete with steel rebar reinforcing and fiber mesh.  The minimum thickness of the walls is 4".

I'm terrified of {Snakes, Spiders, Scorpions, Bugs}.  What can I do?

SO ARE WE! So we take special precautions to protect you from all of these.  We install weatherstripping around the door, and aluminum screening in both air vents to keep anything larger than a gnat out of the shelter

Does it matter which way the shelter faces?

The primary concern is what is going to be the quickest and easiest way for you to get in the shelter.  Although technology has improved, and at times there are 15 minutes of warning or more, there are also many times where there is NO NOTICE of a tornado.  Thus, the primary concern is how fast can you get in the shelter.  You may have only seconds of notice!

Will I have to worry about water in my shelter?

NO! The manufacturer provides a 10 year warranty against leaks.  They have been in the business since 1954, with over 70,000 shelters in the ground.  We have only had a couple of shelters that had leaks, and within a day of calling the manufacturer, they had a repair crew on site and completely repaired the leak.

Won't we be trapped if a tree falls on us/ debris gets piled up on the door?

You might not be able to get out right away, but if you have the recommended emergency kit in your shelter, you will be just fine until emergency personnel can clear the door.  With the two vents, there will be plenty of air circulation.  If you have decent cellular reception at your home, you will typically have similar reception in the shelter.  Unless the cell tower is destroyed in the storm, you should be able to call 911 and tell them where you are.  

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