Seeking Shelter?

Do you know where you would go if a Tornado Warning is issued?

Let Us Help!


Our shelters are designed and constructed with your protection in mind.  They are reinforced with fiber as well as steel rebar, and they are poured with a mninimum of 6,000 psi concrete.

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The following accessories are included at no extra charge:

  • Double handrail on steps
  • Gas operated door closer
  • 8" Wind turbine for ventilation
  • 6" Vent
  • Aluminum screening on both vents

Standard Installation includes the following: 

  • Dig and set the shelter
  • Backfill and cover with existing soil
  • No soil to be hauled in or out
  • Final grade when we finish will depend on soild conditions
  • We can either place all excavated soil back around the shelter or leave excess soil elsewhere on site.

NEW FOR 2018!

Easy-open door shock - Makes shelter door practically "weightless" when opening. Almost no effort required to open door. Standard on all shelters!

Other Options and upgrades available:

  • Flat Top Shelter - Can be installed under concrete slabs for access from inside house or garage (Must be installed prior to concrete being poured)
  • Jumbo shelter ((7'6" x 10'8") - Have a large family, or planning on a Multi-Family shelter?  Take a look!
  • External Handrail
  • Extension Kit - Allows entire shelter to be burried, only the vents and the door are above ground.  You must supply the additional topsoil, typically 10 yards is sufficient.
  • NEW IN 2018 - EZ Entry Steps - larger door and more gentle angle on steps (Now available on 6'x8' and Jumbo shelters)

Pricing: (Standard Installation, within 25 miles of Sulphur Springs, TX)

6' x 8' Sloped Front



6' x 8' EZ Entry Sloped Front



5'x7' Flat Top



Jumbo Sloped Front (7'6" x 10'8")



Jumbo w/ EZ Entry Sloped Front



External Handrail


$     75.00

Extension Kit (Top soil EXTRA)


$   500.00




For distances up to 50 miles from Sulphur Springs, add $7.50/mile for any distance beyond 25 miles (I.E> - if you are 35 miles away, the extra charge would be $7.50 x 10 = $75)





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