Tired of Chlorine Tablets?

Are you tired of the hassle of chlorine tablets? Tired of having to remember to put them in every few weeks? tired of the hassle of trying to find a place to buy them? Tired of the expense?

Do you want something better?

We have the answer! A liquid chlorinator. It uses standard, household laundry bleach, and holds about 3 months worth at a time. It will generally use 1 gallon per month, so it should cost between $15 and $20 per YEAR in bleach. Compare that to $100-$200 for chlorine tablets.

How does it work?
The reservoir contains a float that very slowly fills with a small dose of bleach. When your sprinklers turn on, the pump powers a siphon that pulls the bleach in the float out and sprays it back into the pump tank. This completely mixes the bleach into the water, and helps to mix the water in the tank. Long term this will help to reduce and eliminate any particles in the tank and keep it clean. Because the float fills so slowly, no more bleach is used until the next time the pump comes on. 1 gallon per month actually gives you about twice the minimum amount oc chlorine required by law. The entire unit is constructed of durable PVC parts, and has no moving parts. The entire unit is powered by the siphon created by your sprinkler pump.

What does it take to intall?
The installation costs $300, plus tax. This includes parts and labor. We can generally have your unit installed and working within a few days of you ordering it. You do not have to be home in order for the unit to be installed, but we can of course schedule to do it at a time of your liking. When we are completed, you will have a 4" threaded cap right at ground level, beside your meter box for your pump tank.

Call now at (903)366-1509 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us to schedule your installation. We can generally install a chlorinator within a week - 10 days of your request.

Want to be Completely Rid of the Hassle?
Once you have a liquid chlorinator,,we will happily stock it with bleach for you for $60/ year, or $5/month if you have a monthly payment plan. You will never again have to touch the system on a regular basis (You may still have to mute the alarm if it activates). 

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